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Residential Elevators

Pros and Cons of Residential Elevators

A house is a place of comfort amidst the hardships of the outside world. So, when you have tons of other luxurious items at your disposal, why still taking the stairs to get from floor to floor? 

However, there are always some downsides to lavish living. Thus, we have compiled a list of pros and cons of residential elevators that you should be aware of before installing one in your sweet home. 


Promote Child’s Safety

Your little ones are the most active and yet most reckless human beings. And stairs can be a hazardous place for them to explore. Therefore, if you have put up an elevator in their room, or next to their room, it can prove to be the most convenient and safest option for them to move from place to place without risking their safety

Convenient for Elderly People

Older family members do not have the strength or energy to move from one floor to another. This renders them helpless and dependent on outside aid for moving from one place to another.  This forces them to remain in their limited area. 

A lift at home can help them maintain their independence without feeling limited or incompetent. So, if you have older parents or grandparents, investing in a house elevator can prove to be a great investment.

Ease of Moving Items

With an elevator at home, it is so much easier to transport items from one floor to another, which would otherwise be very time-consuming and exhausting. 

Another important benefit of moving these objects, goods, and groceries is that you don’t have to carry them by yourself. You simply load the items in the lift and someone on the other floor will receive them. 

Adds to the Infrastructure 

The infrastructure of your home will become so much more aesthetically pleasing when you have a personal elevator. So, besides being convenient, it also adds to your home’s decor. We do many things to stand up among friends and kin, so installing an elevator will greatly add to the overall style and beauty of your house. 

Gives House a Touch of Modernity

Over time, everything is reforming and revolutionizing. Since our lives have become increasingly mechanical, why are we still using old-fashioned stairs? In this case, putting up an elevator instantly gives your house the modern touch you aspire to. 

Moreover, since change is taking place at an accelerated pace, it is no wonder that soon elevators will become the norm of the day. And if you already have an elevator at your house, you will not have to dig up the ground from scratch and disturb the whole infrastructure to install the lift.

Helps with Sickness Driven Immobility

If someone in the house is sick, especially suffering from a disease that is causing immobility, it can be a great gift for them. Having a lift at home will make them feel less disabled and more in power. 

In addition, we develop different kinds of diseases and disabilities as we age. These include diseases of the bones, such as osteoporosis. Assuming that we suddenly become unable to move freely from one place to another, in our own house. Then, having an elevator installed in our house will ease our troubles and prevent us from feeling confined. 


Despite having all the amazing advantages we can not ignore the following disadvantages. Such as; 


Adding a lift to your home is anything but cheap. Extra expenditures can cause financial hardship if your budget does not allow them. Moreover, even after you have installed a lift you are further saddled with maintenance expenses. Because you have to keep your lift in good running order, just like you keep your car or other gadgets. 

Moreover, a lift is not something you can plant on your own. Therefore, you have to pay for the material as well as the amount of labor in mounting it through a professional 


There are times when getting a low-quality lift can result in unfortunate and horrible accidents. For instance,  a power outage in your elevator may cause you or your child to become trapped if there is no backup power supply. Similarly, if the door sensor of the lift is of lower quality or for some other reason stops detecting the human or any object on the doorway before closing the door, it can lead to fatal consequences. 

Promotes Inactive Lifestyle

We are living the most sedentary lifestyle than any of our ancestors. Sometimes using stairs is the only activity we are performing throughout the day. Assuming this scenario, planting an elevator can add up to our lethargic lifestyle. It makes us lazier and as a result more vulnerable to weakness and several diseases, especially obesity.