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Useful Instagram Advertising Tips

The advertising potential has increased in the past years as its number of users increased by 76 million in the last quarter. A large number of Instagram users follow businesses and many B2B decision-makers go to Instagram when searching for new services or products.

Instagram Advertising Tips

The number of Instagram users is increasing every year. It is an effective marketing platform mainly because it leverages the data-packed advertising division of Facebook. It gives it an opportunity to do multi-layer targeting.

The analytics of user behavior and demographic information offered by Facebook is highly valuable in making Instagram perfect for advertising the business.

There are a lot of businesses looking to get the attention of the users so it is essential to be unique enough to stand out. Here are some useful tips for taking full advantage of Instagram advertising capabilities.

Use Instagram Business Account

Creating a business account on Instagram is the first step to creating a marketing campaign on the platform. It is better equipped to assist the advertising effort as compared to a public account.

Defining Goals

Social media is a great platform for connecting with people. To use the power of popular social media platforms such as Instagram to grow the business, it is essential to be clear about your marketing goals. Going in, without defining goals can end up a waste of time and money.

The aim of Instagram marketing can be different for different businesses. Some may be looking to establish an online presence for their brand while others may be looking to improve brand awareness or to sell more products.

Know your Customers

Always do your homework before going forward with a marketing campaign. Doing preliminary research is helpful in figuring out the target audience and market accordingly.

Improve Customer Targeting

Instagram manages to draw on extensive user data that is available in the ad platforms of Facebook. It makes it possible to efficiently target the right audience. To make the best use of Instagram it is essential to find ways to leverage its different aspects. Using standard targeting mechanisms is vital, but apart from them, there are other useful features that are effective in narrowing down the focus.

The advanced targeting features ensure that the ads get in front of the most relevant audience and increase the conversion rate. It increases the click-through rate and as a result, brings down the cost-per-click rate too.

Experiment with the audience targeting feature of Instagram and you will find ways to dramatically improve the performance of the marketing campaign.

You can also partner up with influencers and it will offer you access to their followers who are highly likely to trust the opinion of the influencer.

Avoid Blatant Promotion

People often get irritated when too many ads show up on their Instagram feed. The audience is far more likely to respond to posts that do not look promotional. Make the ads creative and eye-catching.

The users must not feel that you are constantly trying to convince them to invest in something you have to offer. Use catchy and smart captions with the images. The captions can be used to share quick quips and detailed stories because the word limit is pretty generous. Make sure the important information is shared in the first two lines.

Video Ads

Most people think of Instagram as a never-ending stream of static images. The app is more versatile and has much more to offer. It is also an excellent channel for sharing promotional videos. Videos are effective in getting the attention of the users. It is better at standing out from everything else surrounding it.

The chances of investment are more likely if they see a promotional video as compared to images. Couple the video with call-to-action and the likeliness increases.
If the content of video ads is not capturing audiences as you expected, you can always get some inspiration from the audience. User-generated content is a great idea. It is an effective way of establishing credibility in the community.

Get videos of customers with your products and share their reviews or experience to promote your brand.

Create Image Carousels

Instagram allows you to use more than one image to weave a story rather than just putting a single image with the users. Sharing multiple images to share a story makes the ad engaging. Instead of sharing images of the product, use photos that represent the experience your products or service can offer.


Instagram is an ideal platform for companies that are looking to expand their lead. Inspiring people to share your ads on their feeds is the best way of spreading brand awareness. Focus on creating content that is worthy of sharing and you will be exceptional results from the marketing campaign.