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Tips On How To Write A Catchy Facebook Advertisement

Despite talks that people are slowly getting over Facebook, it’s pretty clear that it is getting more famous than ever.  According to statistics from Pew Research Center, 69% of Americans said they ever log into Facebook.  All these Facebook users spell out massive marketing opportunities for brands and businesses. It’s becoming a common advertising platform for business-to-business and business-to-clients companies. It would be best to put together many things to come up with a successful advert on this platform, from targeting the right audience to having a great image video. Therefore we will look at a few tips to help you make a compelling Facebook advertisement copy.

Use Facebook Targeting to Narrow Down your Audience

When it comes to marketing products online, it’s easy to be tempted to write as if you are presenting before a panel. But if you want the advert to yield results, you have to tailor your advert to speak to each individual on a personal level. Well, it takes some skill to hack that, but the return on investment will be worth it.

To reach specific individuals, you have first to identify your target audience. This individual, who is your target audience, is the person you need to persuade. You need to focus all your attention on them just as though you were a salesperson.

You can write a blanket advertisement for everyone to read through on your website; however, on Facebook, you have to customize the advert depending on your target audience. What does it mean to write to a target audience on Facebook? Here is an example; you can direct your advert towards men over forty years interested in fitness and living in the U.S. then write a specific advert that addresses this group.

Come up with Different Advertisements for Different People

This goes in tandem with the idea of targeting your audience. Your clients buy your items or opt for your services for various reasons, so why would you give them a blanket statement? Facebook’s strength is in its ability to target. Hence it is possible to avoid creating billboard adverts. If you deal in both male and female apparel, you have to make relatable advertisements for both groups. Customers have different preferences; hence, you need to be specific with your advertisements if you want them to be interested.

The Facebook Advert has to match the VisualsFaceboo Icon

Many small enterprises and even large ones do not have enough visuals to make ads attractive and informative. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, there is a scramble to get a picture attached, which sometimes results in an image not going together with the copy. Such adverts leave the user confused, and they might probably not view them. Hence you will have wasted your ad and even money spent on coming up with it. Remember your ad is supposed to give your audience an exact glimpse of the service or product that will be sold to them. If you are struggling to make good images, you can opt for image tools.

Have a Clear Call to Action 

The best Facebook advertisements have clear objectives. The objectives may be to land pages, attract traffic or create brand awareness.  It is best to choose one goal and channel your adverts towards achieving it. Some Facebook ads may lack specific objectives, which leaves the audience oblivious of where to click, who to call, or what link to follow. Therefore you need to have one call to action to give the users clear directions on what to do.

Keep the Advert Precise and Lead with Value

You are spending money on the advert; hence you may be tempted to cramp up everything in one advert to avoid paying for several ads. Sometimes we also go overboard with an explanation of the brand. Since it is satisfying to give a proper answer, you risk having an advert that is not engaging. Therefore you need to go straight to the point and provide only the necessary information concerning advertised products. Some of the essential areas you can include in the advert have;

  • Why should someone buy the product?
  • How will it be beneficial to them?
  • Is there a warranty?
  • In case of any queries who should be contacted

Try to get these points across to your audience in a precise and concise manner.

Be Upfront about the Numbers

Once you post your ad, ensure you also post the cost of the service or product being advertised. If you are running a sale, ensure you indicate the percentage of people who will get off the products on offer. Clients would also like to know the price of the items upfront to decide whether to buy or plan for it immediately.

Final Take 

The best adverts on Facebook yield results. As a marketer, you need to ensure that you are putting all the ingredients together to create an advertisement that gets the job done. Also, remember to sharpen your copy-writing skills since it is essential in building a solid advert on Facebook.