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What Makes Gold A Profitable Investment?

Gold is the oldest form of currency. It has been part of the monetary system in almost every civilization. Although gold coins are used as currency nowadays, it is still considered a valuable metal. Gold has always been a unique asset because it is scarce and highly liquid.

Why Invest In Gold?

Gold has always been considered a valuable commodity which allows it to offer financial cover during economically uncertain times.

Here are a few reasons that make gold an excellent investment.

Holding Value Throughout The Years

The value of commodities does not stay constant all the time. Some items lose value and fail to pay back the promised profit. The unique thing about gold is that it has managed to maintain value over the years.

Gold will always fetch a reasonable price whenever you decide to trade it for cash.

People buy gold because it is a reliable way of preserving wealth and passing it on to the next generations. Gold is a unique metal and because of that, it has held a high value since its ancient times. It maintains its value because its quality and aesthetic appeal do not diminish with time.

Gold is corrosion-proof, and you can melt it using a common flame. It was used as a coin because it is easy to get in shape and stamp. Gold is a precious metal because it has a unique and gorgeous color.

Easy To Liquidate

Financial investments are made so that they provide backup in case you need some cash in the future. Gold is a great investment for a rainy day as it is easy to liquidate. Finding buyers willing to trade gold for cash is easy. If you want the best price for your gold, selling it online is a perfect choice, although you will have to wait a day or two for the payment to clear. To get the quick cash you can trade your gold at a local pawn shop or jewelry store.

Weakness Of The U.S Dollar

The U.S dollar is considered the world’s most important reserve currency because its value is high compared to other currencies. But the value of the dollar can fall against other currencies, and when it does, it can create financial difficulties for the investor. Whenever there is a dip in the value of the dollar, people gravitate towards gold because it offers financial security. The price of gold rises when the dollar’s value drops.

Protection Against Deflation

Deflation is a term used for a period when the prices drop, business activity goes down, and the economy comes under excessive debt. During the great depression of the 1930s and 2008 financial crisis gold became a safe haven for investors.

The value of gold increased significantly during the depression period while the price of everything else took a sharp dip. The rise in the price of gold occurred because people chose to hoard cash, and gold was the safest and most reliable place to hold cash.

Hedge Against Inflation

The price of gold rises with the increase in living cost, and it makes it a trustworthy hedge against inflation. Over the past fifty years, the value of the stock market has gone down while the gold prices have increased during inflation years.

The price of gold increases with inflation because as the fiat currency loses its value to inflation, the gold prices go up with everything else as well. People are encouraged to invest in gold because it is considered a metal with good store value and is a smart choice when the local currency starts losing value.

Geopolitical Uncertainty

Gold has earned the reputation of being a crisis commodity because people decide to invest in it when they are trying to ensure the safety of their investment amid geopolitical crises. It manages to outperform other investments as its price tends to increase when there is a lack of confidence in the government.

Increase In Demand

The demand for gold has gone up with the increase in wealth of the rising market economies. Gold is intertwined in some cultures such as India and China, and in these countries, the demand for gold remains steady. Demand for valuable metal has also increased among investors as it is considered a reliable investment.


Events that result in the decline of paper investment such as bonds and stocks have an opposite effect on gold. The price of gold can be volatile for some time, but it always manages to maintain its value in the long run, which makes it a profitable investment.