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What to Bring When You Meet Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you know what to bring when you meet your personal injury lawyer? If you are new to dealing with legal issues with a lawyer, we will help you out. You can also learn a little bit more about the most common types of personal injuries.

Why do you need a personal injury lawyer?

When you or your loved ones get injured in any type of accident – when involved in a car accident, as a result of medical malpractice, or by a defective product, you are entitled to seek compensation. Whether you suffer physical, psychological, or even emotional harm, you can seek compensation.

The personal injuries claims can be rather complex and it is always better to seek professional help. A personal injury lawyer is specialized in these claims and will help you get the right amount of compensation.

On the other side of your claim is usually an insurance company, but it can be an individual or a company, as well. Those are the ones accountable for the unfortunate event. Well, it is in their interest to pay less. On the other side, it is in your interest to get more money.

A personal injury lawyer is there to make sure that there is a balance between these two interests so that you get what you deserve. Meaning that sometimes people get less money because they don’t know the laws and regulations that well.

What documents to bring to the personal injury lawyer?

The documentation is essential when you are seeking compensation. Your claim is depending on it. Therefore, don’t hide any document or information from your lawyer. Your lawyer will only make use of things that go in your favor, and not the other way around.

A lawyer has to work with the documentation you provide. The difference between getting great compensation and getting no compensation may be totally up to you.

We will enlist the most important documentation you want to bring to your personal injury lawyer.

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Police reports

If you were involved in an accident in which the police were informed and arrived at the scene, it is most likely they made a report. Bring a copy of that report to your lawyer because it contains valuable information. They got the evidence and witness statements which you can use in your favor. The same goes for fire departments and other public service organizations.

Incident reports

Besides police reports, other incident reports can be useful, as well. These are usually made as a company’s official incident report when an accident occurs on the job.

Medical record

If you suffered an injury, you probably received medical care. Your medical records are extremely important when it comes to personal injury claims. Of course, this doesn’t refer to your complete medical history. Bring only the things related to the injury. Anything that proves direct or indirect health consequences of the injury can be helpful.


When you own a receipt for any cost or lost wages you had related to the injury, it is so much easier to prove that you deserve the compensation. If the injury is the reason you could not go to work, you can ask for your lost earnings. That is why it is useful to have your paycheck stubs.

Witness statements and photos

Witnesses are also an important part of your claim. If you have a written statement of a witness it will help your case significantly. You can ask for the witnesses to write their statements right away because the things they witnessed are still fresh in their memory. If that is not possible, you can also ask for their contact information.

You should also take photos at the scene if possible. You can also take pictures of your injury, especially if it takes a lot of time to heal. All of these can be valuable for your claim.

When it comes to injuries, it is a good idea to keep track of your injuries in a form of a recovery journal. You can write down how you feel, when you have appointments, how your injuries heal, etc.

Insurance information

It can be information about your insurance, your employer’s, or any other liable individual or company. Any of these is extremely important, so your lawyer can make the next move. The more info you got, the faster you will get things rolling.

Other documentation

If you are still not sure whether a document is important or not, bring it to your lawyer anyway. Gather up everything that is remotely related to the event that occurred. Then let your lawyer decide whether it is useful and important for your claim or not.