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How To Choose The Best Keywords For Your Facebook Ad 

Facebook is not your regular advertisement platform, and marketers are consistently flooding this platform to push their products. To stand out among the many ads being put out daily, you have to develop robust targeting strategies, at least if you want it to pass the Facebook ad checker stage. One of the targeting parameters marketers must meet is using the right keywords in their ad copy. It means that keywords are essential to;

  • Enhance conversion rates
  • Find the best target interests
  • Attract more customers
  • Attract more traffic
  • Create brand awareness

Facebook removed ad rule, which limited the ad text to 20%, hence you can easily find yourself being too wordy.  The audience may not appreciate such long texts. Hence, Brands need to choose their words carefully and ensure that the ones used have an impact. If you wonder what the right keywords to use are, here are some ways you can come up with the best Facebook targeting keywords.

Identify Topics of Interest Around your Niche. 

When looking for the best Facebook keywords for your advert, the first step is to identify the relevant topics your ad will be centered around. The issue should also be centered on the interest of your target audience. Learn what their needs and problems are, then provide a solution to those needs.  Moreover, you can generate topics from the frequent questions that clients ask about your product. This way, you will be able to customize your topics around issues that affect your target audience.

Use Facebook Insights 

If you want to track user interaction on your business page, then Facebook insight will do the job for you. It provides a wealth of information about your content and audience, hence why you need to use it to understand how to craft your keywords. The best starting point for your keyword research has to be your Facebook audience profile data.

Make use of Keyword Research ToolsKeyword logo

These tools are resourceful for marketers who place their ads on Facebook; they guide what keywords you should be optimizing for. These tools also provide data on how popular keywords are based and the number of searches they get. Looking for keywords can be pretty hectic, but you can quickly get a hold of competitive keywords that will put your brand on the map with these tools.

Use Facebook Ad Intelligent Tools

Facebook ad intelligence makes it possible for you to analyze your competitors. The intelligence tool makes it possible for you to spy on your competitors’ ad campaigns and track all their advert copies and landing pages. From this tracking, you will learn of the common keywords being used and those doing well. The tool also helps you run an in-depth analysis to help you create a niche-specific marketing strategy for your brands. Some of the standard features of these ad intelligence tools include;

  • Ability to follow as many competitors as you want
  • You can filter ads according to different interests
  • Allows you to view adverts live on Facebook
  • You can also bookmark your favorite ads

Pay Attention to your Clients’ Current Facebook Profile

By checking your customers’ profiles regularly, especially those who engage with your brand, you will be able to learn their interests, making it easier to structure your advert. Additionally, they could be engaging with brands similar to yours; hence you could pick one or two keywords from them to target your advert. Also you will get to learn about their friends and followers whom they have common interests with.

Facebook audience Insights 

The best gift from Facebook to marketers so far has got to be audience insights, which is a free analytic tool to help you find detailed information about Facebook users. Through Facebook audience insights, you will get information such as demographics, location and purchase habits of your interest group. The tool also provides an aggregate of the general Facebook users who have liked your page. To help you create significant relationships with your audience and even have conversational posts. Through these posts, you will learn what your target audience is interested in, making it easier to come up with keywords along those lines.

Final Take 

There are millions of Facebook users getting online daily, but sending out an advert into the void will not yield any returns. Hence, the reason why you need to use keywords to optimize your content.  To come up with the relevant keywords, you have first to identify your target audience then come up with a list of the keywords you want to use according to those interests. The key to advertising on Facebook is targeting. It helps you develop the appropriate keywords and ad copy; hence once your targeting is accurate, coming up with keywords will be pretty straightforward.