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Best Facebook Ad Examples You Can Check Out 

From the recent adjustments on a Facebook algorithm, the platform is sending marketers a take-it-or-leave-it message. With many marketers jumping on board, the platform has become a pay-to-play policy; not exactly what we want to hear, but it is worth spending your money to advertise on Facebook. The beauty of advertising on Facebook is that you can craft your advert whichever way you want to suit your needs.  And no, you do not have to be a genius to come up with a perfect ad; with a bit of inspiration from Facebook adverts around your niche, you’ll be good to go. Looking at examples gives you firsthand knowledge of how a good advert should look like. Therefore you need to look at diverse adverts to pick the essential tips on how to craft yours. And with that, let’s look at a few Facebook ad examples that you should check out and learn from.


First, let’s demystify the myth that Facebook ads have to be complicated. The static image advert from AirAsia portrays simplicity but checks all the requirements of an effective advert. What makes the ad effective is how they are economical with words. The bright images are also scroll-stopping, and with that, they can attract their audience’s attention. Additionally, they use powerful words such as FREE and limitedtime offers to motivate clients to consider their services.


This is another Facebook page you need to check out, primarily if you deal in beauty and cosmetics. If you missed it, Facebook wants brands to create video adverts, given the high engagement rates that come with videos. It is precisely why video adverts are currently booming, including the Sephora adverts.

Their videos are flashy and have a lot going on; hence their adverts stand out on the users’ feeds. The ability of these ads to showcase multiple products and promotions through a video within seconds has helped the brand reach out to beauty product lovers. Check out their page and get an insight on how to push your beauty product brands.

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Project Repat 

You also need to follow up on the ads posted on this page. Project Repat has proved that you do not need a considerable budget to come up with a quality advert. Project Repat’s success story demonstrates that online marketing can be successful even from a simple snapshot. Their ad is successful because they use their customers’ snapshots given the high conversion rate of user-generated content.

Consumers love success stories, so what better way than to give them this than by using their fellow consumers to portray how good a product is. Run through the project repat page and learn a thing or two from their adverts.

P.F. Chang’s

The P.F. Chang’s engagement rate has proved to us that old-school advertising can still work. Scrolling through P.F. Chang’s advert, you will notice how simple their adverts are yet very informative. While advertising their food, they also engage their audience by indulging them in the comment section. Their adverts are not complicated, yet they have reached out to a larger population and built their brand. You can even tell from the number of followers they have on Facebook. Additionally, they have giveaways and contests, which keep their audience active.

Pura Vida 

Pura Vida is another Facebook page to watch out for if you are looking for clues on creating your advert. From the page, it is clear that an advert does not have to be long and be boring. The page advertises clothes and bracelets in adventurous pictures and videos that you cannot afford to scroll past.  Their ads bring out a combination of;

  • Eye-catching sceneries,
  • Socially conscious messages, and
  • User-generated content

Such features make the adverts on this page stand out. Take some time, go through their page and get a glimpse of how to develop interactive carousel campaigns.


When you think you have everything about Facebook advertising figured out, they throw another curve-ball. The recently introduced carousel advert on Facebook has been embraced by many brands, Porsche included. From the page, you can tell that they intend to tell a story with their adverts. If you want to do a carousel advert, this is another page you need to check out. Their pictures are breathtaking and eye-catching. Looking at their adverts gives you the urge to buy a new Porsche even if it is through a car loan, meaning they have achieved their intended purpose with these adverts.

Ready to Run your Facebook Advert? 

Hopefully, these highlighted pages shed some light on how you should create your Facebook ad. The growing need to air top-tier Facebook campaigns is not coming down any soon. If anything, Facebook is coming up with new inventions to ensure ads being placed on the platform are quality. Therefore you need to arm yourself with mind-blowing ad ideas.