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How To Find The Best TikTok Influencer From Your Brand

TikTok is currently the most downloaded app worldwide, with millions of users streaming and making videos for entertainment and marketing purposes. 60% of TikTok users are Gen Z.; they sure have a greater purchasing power. Thus TikTok is the best platform for brands targeting this coveted group.  However, to draw their attention to your brand, you must get in touch with the application’s trends and find the right personalities to push your brand. In simpler terms, you need an influencer. And finding one is quite hectic; aside from having thousands of followers, you have to check whether they fit the message you want to put out and whether they resonate with it. Here are some tips to help you find a significant influencer who will make your brand go viral.

Search for Topics on TikTok 

The easiest way to find a TikTok influencer is by searching for specific topics related to your brand on the app. Most issues on TikTok are in the form of a hashtag, for example, #beautytips. Therefore depending on your business, you can search for the relevant topics. If you want to market a restaurant, you can search for #foodrecipes. Go through the search results to identify a page with the most views and likes to determine whether the page has active and interested followers on that topic. TikTok users that use specific hashtags have a large audience interested in that particular content. Noteworthy, just because a particular influencer uses a specific hashtag does not mean they have an active audience; hence, the need to carry out more research.

Find Influencers by Location

Although TikTok is a global forum, its algorithm limits the content you view to your location and language preference. So if your items or services are only found in a specific country, you need to discover influencers near you to reach the targeted audience. To make this possible, you can change your TikTok account location to read your country, state, city, or even town to find the right influencer. When searching, use specific hashtags that denote places such as #NYC and #ATL.

Use a Tool to find an Influencer

Several tools in the market can be used to do a quick search for influencers on TikTok. Instead of going through the hassle of scrolling down trying to look for a suitable influencer, the tool will suggest some relevant influencers, and you can go through their profile to make your determination. The agency suggests influencers based on followers and engagement rates. Therefore you can be sure that you will get the best. Some of them may go as far as picking out people who are fans of your brand and are already talking about it. What stands out most about these tools is that they provide detailed analytics that will make it easy for you to decide who to work with.

Analyze the Influencer’s AudienceTikTok logo

Before getting into talks with a TikTok influencer, you need to find out the following.

  • Is their audience the right demographic? You can determine this by looking at their followers’ age, location, and gender.
  • Do they follow your brand, or are they doing business with your competitors? If you are teaming up with an influencer, it’s better to pick one whose audience is not familiar with your product to grow your social following.
  • Does their audience engage with sponsored content? You can look at these from the likes and comments on sponsored videos on the influencer’s page.

An influencer whose content revolves around beauty will have an audience interested in that area; however, you still need to analyze their audience’s relevance before making any deal.

Go through their Content

By looking at the videos, they put out, you can easily conclude whether they fit to market your brand. The influencer must at least have a few viral videos, which is an indication that their content is interesting. Additionally, you have to look at their posting behavior. Do they post daily or weekly? How much time is there between new content?

What’s more, you have to prioritize creativity. The last thing you want is your brand being promoted using cliché lines or a call to action buttons. Noteworthy, their values have to match those of your brand to avoid any conflict of interest.

Do a Calculation of their Engagement Rate

an engagement rate is a percentage that indicates how many people interact with an influencer’s content.  A high engagement rate is an indication that the audience is more likely to engage with the sponsored content the user will put out on your product. To get the engagement rate of a TikTok influencer, you have to pick one video, add up the likes, comments, and shares then divide by the number of views the video has. You also have to note that the number of followers a user has does not determine their engagement rate.

Final Take 

The last step to finding the right influencer is to reach out to them and persuade them to promote your brand. Most of them leave their contact information on their Bio, or you can send them a direct message—the influencer you choose, how your brand reputation moves in the social media platforms.