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Instagram Advertising Formats And Their Technical Requirements

Instagram offers five advertisement formats to choose from, which is way less than what Facebook offers. However, if these formats are appropriately utilized, you can grow your brand to a top-tier level. Like Facebook ads, Instagram adverts also appear as regular posts, only they have the word sponsored written at the top and may contain more features such as a call to action, links, and product catalogs. Instagram users are getting the hang of shopping for products and services online hence the reason why you need to place your ad strategically to reach out to a larger audience. To achieve this, you have to select an appropriate ad format. This guide will therefore explain more on the different Instagram advertising formats and their technical requirements.

Image Feed Advertisements 

Image feed advert is the most standard method of advertising on Instagram and the one we mostly see when scrolling through our Instagram feeds. It appears like a typical post only that it is sponsored and may contain descriptions about specific products or services. The good thing about these adverts is that they look like a standard post, and it is easy for one to stop by and read through them, especially when it is well prepared.

The main objectives of image feed advertisements are; to reach out to a larger audience, create traffic on the advertiser’s page, sell products, and create brand awareness. An image feed ad is not sufficient without a call to action button where Words such as Apply now, contact us, learn more, and download are usually used. Some of the technical requirements for these adverts include;

  • File type JPG or PNG
  • 30MB as the maximum file size
  • 600pixel minimum width of the image
  • A minimum and maximum image ratio of 4:5 and 16:9, respectively
  • Text length of 2,200 although for optimal engagement Instagram recommends text length of less than 90
  • 30 hashtags and some can be added in the comment section

Image Instagram Story Adverts Instagram Feed

We see this type of advertisement when swiping through Instagram stories. The images blend so well on our timeline, and it is possible to think that it’s a post from one of our followers. It’s hard to swipe past these adverts without looking at their contents which makes them effective. For example, a shoe advert will catch a shoe lover’s attention, and chances are they may follow the link to see more on the product page.

The main objectives of these adverts are; to create traffic and reach out to a broader audience. They also use a call to action to attract users’ attention and persuade them to consider inquiring or purchasing the product. Instagram requires story advert feeds to have the following;

  • Image ratio of 9:16
  • 600 pixels maximum width of an image

Video Feed Advertisements 

Videos bring more life to adverts; if you have taken time to create a quality video advert, then there is no better place to post it than on an Instagram feed. These videos will appear on the user’s timeline just like a regular video post. While Instagram accepts all videos, it’s recommended that you use H.264 compression, square pixels, progressive scan, fixed frame rate, 128kbps audio compression. However, if your video does not meet these recommendations, you can run it through a video transcoder to make the necessary changes. Just like the other formats, video feed advertisements aim to build brand awareness and grow conversion rates. Some of the technical requirements include;

  • At least 1080 by 1080 video resolution
  • 4GB maximum file size
  • Maximum and minimum video ratio of  16:9 and 4:5, respectively
  • 60 seconds maximum video duration
  • Video captions are optional
  • 125 characters for text length
  • A maximum of 30 hashtags the rest can be added in the comment section

Video Story Adverts 

Doing a video story advert is another great way to air your brand since users often expect to see videos on their stories feed; hence it will not be strange to have it there, and chances are they will probably view it to the end. Technical requirements include;

  • Video resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixel
  •  4GB maximum file size
  • 15 seconds maximum video duration
  • Video captions are not necessary

Carousel Feed Adverts 

Carousel feed adverts are pretty interesting since you can even use them to tell a story. The format allows you to showcase a series of images instead of just one shot. The users can swipe through the photos and get the message they want to pass. This advert format is excellent for visual brands such as those in the hospitality industry, holiday destinations, clothing, and furniture dealers. They can show the various products and packages they have through a series of images. The carousel style allows the advertiser to add ten images for a single Instagram advertisement, each having its link. You can also opt to use videos for this format. Some of the post requirements include;

  • File type should be in JPG or PNG format
  • 30MB maximum file size
  • Minimum width of 600 pixel
  • Minimum ratio of 4:5 and a maximum of 16:9
  • In case you use a video, it should last for 60 seconds or less


Instagram is constantly unveiling new tools that make product advertisements even much more effortless.  Instagram has roughly one billion users monthly going by this large number; it is indeed among the best advertising platforms. Therefore you need to jump on the bandwagon and choose a format that best suits your business. All you have to do is be more creative with your Instagram advert by making it enjoyable to engage the viewer and even convince them to click on the links provided. As long as your ads are interesting and informative, whichever format you choose will work for you.