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Best Instagram Advertising Practices

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Instagram advertiser, it is always essential to go over the primary advertising practices on Instagram. Instagram is more of a visual platform; hence you will need flashy videos and pictures for your advertisement. Text advertisements hardly work there.  Practices and strategies keep shifting in the online advertising field; therefore, you need to be in touch with the latest trends and adjustments. Instagram is proliferating. For example, we can now decide whether we want to see the number of likes on a post or not. Such advancements affect how you create your advert and how to get the correct statistics regardless. The paid campaigns on Instagram can be costly hence the reason why you need to make the most from them. Here are some steps you can follow to create great Instagram ads.

 Give Each Ad a Personality.

If your Instagram advert does not have a human fill to it, then chances are it will not reach your engagement potential. We are all on Instagram to be amused and entertained. Therefore you need to channel your advert to give such positive energy. We all have our shares of long and tedious hours in the office or at home, and most of us come to unwind on Instagram; thus, a lengthy and detailed corporate advert may fail to attract any audience. Therefore each advert must be all-rounded that is informative and entertaining at the same time.

The Context of the Advert must be Relevant. 

What works on other social media platforms may fail to achieve its intended purpose on Instagram. For example, your business will likely not promote similar content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since the audience on these platforms is in a different state of mind. Put yourself on the user’s shoe and be aware of where they are. For example, a 40-page eBook advert will not sell on Instagram but may do well on LinkedIn. Additionally, Instagram is not meant for sale, and thus, your advert must not have a sales language; it should seek to inform the user and encourage them to opt for the product or service.

Contest concept

Hold Contests

Running contests and giveaways is the best way to attract the users’ attention. Most people are likely to comment on the post and like it if there are free rewards and handouts.  Additionally, it keeps the audience excited about your brand, and they may look forward to such a post, which means they will stay glued to your page by following you. In a nutshell, a good Instagram giveaway contest should achieve the following

  • grow your following
  • Encourage social sharing of a particular product post
  • Attract traffic to your page

You have to find out at what time your audience is on Instagram. If you know your audience’s Instagram habits well, this should not be hard to workaround. However, if you have no clue, you can think about their vertical. For example, if you sell clothes on retail, take note of the time most people shop for the clothes online, or if you deal in cars, note the days of the week where you see website traffic. Once you register such patterns, it might be pretty simple to determine when to post your advert.

Use Hashtags 

Hashtags to Instagram are what keywords are to search engines. Hashtags will guide users to your page if the search result relates to what they want. Therefore you need to get creative with your hashtags and align them towards what most Instagram users search for. Also, do not misuse hashtags since it may make your post look desperate and lousy. A study done by TrackMaven analyzed 65000 posts and found that the average number of hashtags appropriate per post is nine. Additionally, the research found that longer hashtags work best. Therefore you need to pay attention to such features when creating your hashtags.

Include closed captions and descriptive texts on videos

The texts and captions make it possible to watch the video without sound. Some videos may start silently; however, the message will still be delivered if the users can read the texts accompanying the video. Additionally, these captions help you retain the viewers’ attention on your post. For example, if you are making a video to promote interior decors, you can use the “before” and “after” captions on the video. The viewer will look forward to seeing the changes that have taken place.

Wrapping up  

Informative and entertaining Instagram ads stand a high chance of recording better conversion and engagement rates. Instagram is one platform you should not ignore when pushing your business or product with millions of people scrolling through posts; you can use these tips to make them stop for a while and check out your content.  Cheers to becoming instafamous!